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2020-01-19 to 2020-01-25Grand Cayman (West Bay, Grand Cayman, KY)
$1395.00 USD
$0.00 USD
Refresher Cost
Prerequisite Courses


Lead Instructor: PFI Instructor


Price Includes

This camp is for certified Freedivers of all levels.  proof of certification will be requested.

  • 6 days of depth diving (1-day from shore and 5-days from boat) plus a day of static training and fun diving (or a day off if you wish).
  • Safety Diver and rig system with counter balance
  • Video of your dives with review following each day of diving
  • You can train Constant Weight, Free Immersion, Constant No-fins, Variable and scooter freediving
  • Statics can be done in the pools at Coconut Bay with a buddy
  • Shore access to the ocean and great freediving is free from out front of Coconut Bay Condos (must dive with a trained buddy)
  • Boat fees are included for the 5 depth training sessions.  if you take part in any additional leasure trips there may be an additional cost.

Equipment Requirements

  • mask, snorkel, fin(s)
  • weight belt and or neck weight (we can help you make your own neck weight during the camp)
  • lanyard
  • freedive computer

Location Info (Addresses)

Grand Cayman (West Bay, Grand Cayman, KY)

  • You will fly into Grand Cayman (GCM is the airport code).
  • There are many options for car rentals or if you are staying at Coconut Bay, we will take you to and from the open water training.
  • The diving will happen off of west bay dock and video reviews will be at the condos in Coconut bay Condos (just past the turtle farm).


    • Arrive on island the day/evening before the camp starts.
    • Diving will happen each day at about 9am.  The instructor will confirm with each particapant the night before with departure time and location.
    • You can depart the island any time after 6pm on the last day of the camp or the day after.

Sample Schedule:


Day 1: Shore Dive Acclimation

Day 2: Boat Training Session #1 

Day 3: Boat Training Session #2 / Evening Potluck Dinner 

Day 4: Morning Static / Afternoon Boat Adventure / Day Off (extra cost for boat adventure if you take part)

Day 5: Boat Training Session #3

Day 6: Boat Training Session #4

Day 7: Boat Training Session #5 / Wrap-Up Party

Local Area Travel Recommendations

There are many hotels around West Bay and Seven Mile Beach.  PFI staff will be staying at Coconut Bay in West bay.  If you would like to stay there too please contact Duncan Heard at dheard4505@aol.com.  There are 2 rooms in the staff condo available to rent as well.  If you would like to find out more about reserving one of these rooms please email mandy-rae@performancefreediving.com.